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To search for books, e-books, media (videos, etc.), and titles of journals owned
by Conant Library enter the keyword(s) in the box below and then press Enter
or click the Submit button.


NOTE: If you want to search for a book's title and it begins with after, before, near, or within, change search from a Keyword search to a Title search.

Research Hint: To locate articles in journals or magazines, use the 'Article' tab from the Library's homepage.

Search Tips to Improve Your Results
  Bullet Point Putting phrases in quotes (e.g. "business ethics") can yield more relevant results

  Bullet Point To search a word and its various endings use an asterisk ( * for 1-5 characters, ** for unlimited number of characters)
  Example: huck* retrieves huck, huckster, etc.; huck** retrieves those plus huckleberry, etc.

  Bullet Point To search for multiple words that are not a phrase use and: start and business retrieves items with both words.

  Bullet Point Group synonyms in parentheses joined with OR: (atomic or nuclear) power

  Bullet Point Use a: for author, t: for title, s: for subject, and o: for other keywords
    Example: a:twain and t:huck** (note no space after colon) would retrieve Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

  Bullet Point To remove ebooks from search results put and not electronic resource after search term(s).

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